Arches - Mid-June 2016

Posted on Tue 28 June 2016 in misc • Tagged with arches, utah, trip, pictures

So at the end of May I traded up my car for a 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX STI (sweet).

Being the summer, and with the kids out of school, my oldest daughter and I decided to take a trip to break the new car in. We decided to go to ...

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My Setup or, Where I work

Posted on Thu 16 July 2015 in misc • Tagged with my setup, desk

My Setup - July 2015

I've had a few questions (during streaming) of what my setup looks like.

Here's a quick picture of where I do my work everyday (from home), and some information regarding it.


  • Desk
  • Monitors
    • Dell 27-inch P2715Q (3840x2160) (center)
    • Dell 27-inch S2740L (1920x1080) x2 (left ...
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Project 5 - The big one

Posted on Mon 20 April 2015 in misc • Tagged with project-a-month, Project 5

With project 4 wrapped up and live, I'm starting to focus in on the 5th project. Project 5 will also be a game. It'll be a game of my own design and creation, rather than a remake of an existing game.

This game is going to be deeply ...

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Project 4 wrap-up

Posted on Mon 20 April 2015 in misc • Tagged with project-a-month, Project 4, Project Wrapup

Last Tuesday, I did the final stream of creating our breakout clone, Spaceout!

The game was made using EaselJS.

You can check out the code here:

And play the game here:

Thoughts On The Game

This game was fun to ...

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Project 4!

Posted on Thu 26 March 2015 in misc • Tagged with projects, gamedev, project-a-month, breakout, arkanoid, Project 4

Keeping with our gamedev theme, Project 4 (of 12 in 12 months) will be a clone of Breakout. We'll call it Spaceout.

We'll start streaming tonight at 8:45pm MDT, so be there or, I guess be somewhere.


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Project 3 Wrap-up

Posted on Thu 26 March 2015 in misc • Tagged with project-a-month, Project Wrapup, Code Release, Project 3

We finished project 3 - Ghost Pong!

You can find the source here and you can watch the recorded stream here

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Project 3!

Posted on Tue 24 March 2015 in misc • Tagged with project-a-month, projects, javascript

We're ready to start on Project 3 (out of 12 in 12 months).

This time, we'll be doing some game development in the browser (HTML/Javascript/Canvas) using Easel.js.

I think i'll start simple with an old favorite, Pong!

Feel free to join in on Twitch!

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Project 2 (Month 2): Go!

Posted on Tue 03 March 2015 in misc • Tagged with projects, project-a-month

For the second project in my 12 Projects in 12 Months series, I've decided to create a Single Page Application utilizing Golang for the backend and React.js / Flux for the front end. I've never built a full app with React.js, and it's been a little ...

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Month 1 - Project 1 - Update!

Posted on Tue 03 March 2015 in misc • Tagged with projects, project-a-month

For the uninitiated, at the beginning of February, I started on a path to develop 12 projects in 12 months. The goal was three-fold: 1) build something from start to finish that was "all me"; 2) break the habit of getting projects to a point where they were "good enough ...

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Month 1 - Links!

Posted on Sun 08 February 2015 in misc • Tagged with projects, project-a-month

I've decided for Month 1 (of the 12 projects in 12 months goal) to do a link blog.

My motivation is that I like to share links, but most of the services similar to this (Delicious, Linkwalla, etc.) are either a.) self-hosted or b.) always being sold off.

I ...

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Project-a-month update

Posted on Thu 05 February 2015 in misc • Tagged with projects, project-a-month

So, time got away from me and I underestimated the toll of the holidays and family. I've gotten out of my funk and February is now the starting month for my Project-a-month... project.

More info very soon!

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Posted on Tue 02 December 2014 in misc • Tagged with project-a-month

I'm always working on something for my personal needs or for the purposes of exploration and discovery. Somehow I (almost) always fall short of making these things public.

I've decided to commit to releasing a new project monthly. I'll write a new post at the beginning of ...

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Link: This is an amazing (chair) concept

Posted on Tue 02 December 2014 in misc

I wish it were real.

Origin Ergonomic Task Chair Concept

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In Memoriam

Posted on Tue 28 October 2014 in misc

On September 12th, 2014, at 2:31am, my mother, Catherine Mary Cucinotta died. She was 50 years old.

I have a million things I wish I could tell her, and even now, a month and a half on, I can still remember those last moments vividly.

I've written this ...

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task-api: Go-Gin implementation

Posted on Mon 07 July 2014 in misc • Tagged with go, gin, open

I've pushed up the final implementation I planned on doing (Go(lang) with Gin).

It took about 1 hour to complete, but it's also amazingly quick (it runs the test suite the fastest, in under 35ms), which is to be expected, given that it's compiled.

I'll ...

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task-api: ruby-sinatra implementation

Posted on Thu 03 July 2014 in misc • Tagged with open, frameworks, ruby, sinatra

Just added the ruby-sinatra implementation to the task-api repository.

Ruby was definitely the quickest to implement, 40 minutes, which is surprising considering I've never used Ruby very thoroughly (one-off stuff). Interesting results methinks.

More soon...

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task-api: php-bulletphp implementation

Posted on Tue 01 July 2014 in misc • Tagged with open, frameworks, php, bulletphp

Last week, I pushed up a new implementation of the task-api project, this time in PHP and BulletPHP.

It took 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete, although most of that time was getting Eloquent ORM to work with BulletPHP.

I disliked this implementation the most (so far). The code ...

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task-api: node-restify implementation

Posted on Tue 24 June 2014 in misc • Tagged with open, frameworks, nodejs, restify

The second implementation has been complete: Node.js and Restify. It can be found in the task-api repository.

I will say, I was quite surprised by how quick this was (40 minutes from start to passing all tests). I probably could've taken longer if I had bothered to add ...

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Father's Day Weekend 2014

Posted on Tue 24 June 2014 in misc • Tagged with trips, picture post, fathers day

Christiania Lodge

Last weekend, we spent 36 hours or so in Vail, Colorado. We end up doing this every other year or so. Mia had lots of fun spending time with my in-laws (who were in town at the time). I'm adding a few photos here to catalog the trip.

It ...

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Tentative list of languages / frameworks for task-api

Posted on Tue 24 June 2014 in misc • Tagged with programming, open, frameworks, code

So far, I've added a PHP test framework using Guzzle and PHPUnit, and an implementation in Python / Flask.

I created a tentative list of languages and frameworks that I'd like to create test implementations in. They are:

  • PHP using the BulletPHP framework
  • Node with the node-restify library
  • Java ...
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Posted on Tue 24 June 2014 in misc • Tagged with programming, code, open, frameworks, php, python, flask

I posted earlier about my urge to develop the same application in multiple frameworks / languages. This is a continuation of that post.

I've added all the work performed so far to this github repository.

So far, I've created a quick test framework in PHP using PHPUnit and Guzzle ...

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Testing new waters

Posted on Mon 23 June 2014 in misc • Tagged with programming, open, frameworks, code

I've been developing software for years now (more than 15). During that time, I've used a lot of languages (PHP, Python, Java, Javascript, Objective-C in the last few months). There is something exciting about diving into a new language, and generally a new framework.

I also generally end ...

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Scoop: A Glimpse into the NYTimes CMS

Posted on Wed 18 June 2014 in misc • Tagged with cms

Unlike many commercial systems, Scoop does not render our website or provide community tools to our readers. Rather, it is a system for managing content and publishing data so that other applications can render the content across our platforms. -- Scoop: A Glimpse Into the NYTimes CMS

As someone who has ...

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Another trip around the sun

Posted on Wed 18 June 2014 in misc • Tagged with life, birthday, kids

Today is my birthday. I'm 29. I've successfully completed yet another trip around the sun. I find that a birthday is a great time to reflect on the last year, so that's what I'll do now. This'll be mostly a catch-up post of things I ...

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The rain, as a metaphor for programming

Posted on Wed 21 May 2014 in misc • Tagged with programming, code

I think a lot about programming. Most of my life is spent planning what to code, or coding it.

Tonight, it rained. It was a good downpour. As the droplets fell, I thought about it. How it saturated the piece of concrete I was focusing on. And I got to ...

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Over a year of dewdrop

Posted on Thu 10 April 2014 in misc • Tagged with dewdrop, open source

I don't specifically remember the exact date, but over a year ago I started the dewdrop project to fill a personal need. I had just switched back to using Linux as my primary operating system, and I had become accustomed to using Droplr during my time of OS X ...

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Synaptics (Touchpad) configuration for Samsung Series 9 laptops

Posted on Fri 17 January 2014 in misc

My mobile machine is a Samsung Series 9 laptop. While it's a little low-power compared to the machine I use daily, it's lighter than the current MacBook Air and is extremely easy to travel with. It's also got a pretty great keyboard compared to most laptops, and ...

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Dewdrop v0.11 is go!

Posted on Fri 10 January 2014 in misc • Tagged with dewdrop, linux, open source

Dewdrop (the open source droplr client for linux) v 0.11 has a new version.

You can grab the source code or executable from here.

New in this release:

  • Private drops are now officially supported (password will be copied to the clipboard with the link)
  • We are no longer dependent ...
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Goals for 2014

Posted on Tue 07 January 2014 in misc

The following are my goals for 2014. I figure writing about them publicly will make them more real in my mind.

For the uninitiated: I am a passionate father of 1 (soon-to-be 2) daughter(s). A devoted husband. A developer (non-specific on purpose). Currently, I consult full-time with multiple clients ...

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Low Polygon

Posted on Wed 01 January 2014 in misc

I love some good low polygon art. Here's a great set I found on reddit.'

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