Dewdrop v0.11 is go!

Posted on Fri 10 January 2014 in misc

Dewdrop (the open source droplr client for linux) v 0.11 has a new version.

You can grab the source code or executable from here.

New in this release:

  • Private drops are now officially supported (password will be copied to the clipboard with the link)
  • We are no longer dependent on AppIndicator, and gracefully fallback to using the GTK system tray icon if libappindicator is not present on the system.
  • Other small changes

Also, Unity !== AppIndicator. I got a few bug reports that we were requiring Unity (the default Ubuntu desktop environment). This is not true. Unity depends on AppIndicator (a library from Canonical), but AppIndicator does not depend on Unity. Regardless, it shouldn't be an issue any longer.

Until next time...