Goals for 2014

Posted on Tue 07 January 2014 in misc

The following are my goals for 2014. I figure writing about them publicly will make them more real in my mind.

For the uninitiated: I am a passionate father of 1 (soon-to-be 2) daughter(s). A devoted husband. A developer (non-specific on purpose). Currently, I consult full-time with multiple clients.

  1. No overtime

    Barring any emergency work (as I am on call), I endeavour to work like a normal person. I'm generally a workaholic if left un-abetted. Making my own hours generally means I'll work any chance I get, and this can lead to many things: depression, burnout, etc. My current hours are 8am-5pm, with 30 minute lunch, and you can never really get 100% "on-time" (billable time). For these reasons, I'm setting the bar at 8 billable hours per day.

  2. Be more in the moment

    Whether it be work or home, I want to cut out distractions and focus more. While I don't really have a good way to track this, it's more of a mindset that I'm trying to impose on myself.

    At work, I'd like to focus more on a single client for a larger periods of time, and ignore distractions. Mainly, if another client emails me, I'd like to not check it until I'm done with the current work at hand. Also, use IM less. IM is a curse, almost all messages I get via IM could be responded to better via email, but the immediacy of IM is too much for most people to pass up.

    At home, I'd like to tune everything else out. I want a clear mind to enjoy time with my family, instead of worrying about deadlines, or how I am going to architect X feature.

  3. Sell something of my own creation

    My eventual goal with consulting was to be able to spend more time on software that I want to write. I spend some time on this in 2013, but I'd like to take it to the next step in 2014. In 2014, I'd like to release and sell one piece of software that I enjoyed writing. It has to be of my own creation. In order for me to consider this a success, it must be purchased by someone I don't know personally. (I'm not going to consider my wife buying my product a win).

  4. Be more authentic

    I'm a unique human being. I have my own experiences, my own opinions/views and my own knowledge. I stopped blogging (on my other blog) in July and went into a "social media / blog" blackout zone, where I didn't create any new content. I reflected upon this recently and it was ultimately due to fear. I was not myself, I was generic and was not adding anything new to the conversation. I would post nothing personal out of fear that I wasn't who people wanted me to be. Out of fear that it would impact me. I didn't want "shit to get real", effectively.

    I've decided that I dislike being generic. If you know me personally, you know I'm a bit silly, a jokester, and strongly opinionated. That's who I endeavour to represent. I'll still post technical articles, but the majority of the content I create will be much more stream-of-thought than it has been in the past.

  5. Quit fucking smoking.

    It's 2014, I've been smoking for a long time. My mother has lung cancer. I have a daughter (I never smoke in the vicinity of her). I need to man the fuck up and quit smoking. I've done it for short periods before, but this needs to be permanent. There is no reason to smoke. There is no pleasure in it, and I'm the only one keeping myself addicted, by self-poisoning. This should be obvious to track.