Month 1 - Project 1 - Update!

Posted on Tue 03 March 2015 in misc

For the uninitiated, at the beginning of February, I started on a path to develop 12 projects in 12 months. The goal was three-fold: 1) build something from start to finish that was "all me"; 2) break the habit of getting projects to a point where they were "good enough for me" and then just using them internally; 3) Expand my knowledge.

The Project

At the beginning of the month, I stated my intentions to create a link blog. I was intentionally vague, because I was unsure what the end result would be, and starting with a vague idea of what we wanted to build let me expand on that in my own way.

So, what did we create? We created, a link saving and link discovery community. In it's current state, it's a little rough and most of the features are not implemented. Currently, you can sign up, login, save links, tag links, and view all your stored links. There is also a public profile page where your links are displayed (if you don't mark them as private). 99% of all code in this project was written during livestreams (I'll address this later in the post). The cost for said service is 6$/year (stripe integration), to allow me to cover the bills.

This project is intentionally a "longview" project, as it affords me lots of small projects over the next year, including creating an API, browser extensions, mobile app, etc. I'm sure I'll work on this more in the future and in my spare moments. As I use it, I'm always finding little things I'd like to add.

On livestreaming

During this first month, I've livestreamed almost all code that went into It was a good test, and I got quite a few viewers, and a few of those turned into paying customers. The only downside to livestreaming is it can be a distraction, and since my overall goal is to create 12 projects in 12 months, it can be counter-productive.

I'm going to play around with this during Project 2 and see if I can find a way to achieve both of these goals.