Over a year of dewdrop

Posted on Thu 10 April 2014 in misc

I don't specifically remember the exact date, but over a year ago I started the dewdrop project to fill a personal need. I had just switched back to using Linux as my primary operating system, and I had become accustomed to using Droplr during my time of OS X usage.

For the uninitiated, dewdrop is the droplr linux client. It's open source, and you can download it here, or get the code on github. It's built for Python 2.7 and GTK.

This is, to date, the most widely used software application that I've made under my own direction. I've made plenty of applications for others through my professional career. As of writing this, the current version has been downloaded almost 1300 times.

Since the start of the dewdrop project, we've released 7 versions (most recent as of writing this: v0.11). Here are some stats:


  • Versions: 7
  • Shortest Window between releases: 1 month
  • Longest Window between releases: 5 months
  • Contributors: 3
  • Forks: 9
  • Stars: 31
  • Issues reported: 21
  • Issues fixed: 17
  • Pull requests: 5
  • Total Downloads (across versions): ~4000

Here's to another great year!