Project 2 (Month 2): Go!

Posted on Tue 03 March 2015 in misc

For the second project in my 12 Projects in 12 Months series, I've decided to create a Single Page Application utilizing Golang for the backend and React.js / Flux for the front end. I've never built a full app with React.js, and it's been a little while since I used Golang, so it should be excellent.

The idea is to create a single function web application that implements an easy way to create and calculate the (b * d) / c priotization formula from this blog post by Geoff Ralston regarding Startup Priorities. Looking at the formula, it's not specific to startups, and could be used whenever you are building any project.

The general idea for the SPA is for all the data to be stored client-side in React/flux and then allow the ability for someone to login (or signup, be that the case) and save their list so they can come back later, adjust, etc. They'll also be able to save multiple lists.

Should be a pretty quick project, and of course, I'll be streaming some of the development of it live on Twitch! Come watch me remember golang :) Also, follow this account on Twitter, as I only talk of stream related things on that one.