Project 4 wrap-up

Posted on Mon 20 April 2015 in misc

Last Tuesday, I did the final stream of creating our breakout clone, Spaceout!

The game was made using EaselJS.

You can check out the code here:

And play the game here:

Thoughts On The Game

This game was fun to make. There was some audience participation, which is always a fun time. It's a step above the last game we made. In this game I included sound effects, images, mouse controls and level advancement. It's certainly not going to win game-of-the-year, but it helped me get back into the groove of game development immensely.

Thoughts on streaming

Now that I've been streaming most of my development of these projects for nearly 3 months, my reservations about streaming have gone away. I find myself no longer paying attention to the number of viewers (or even checking the stats afterwards). I just do what I planned to do, and keep chat open in my peripheral vision. I'm going to keep streaming for the forseeable future.

On stream schedule, there will be no change currently, but I am thinking of making it a bit more loose. My next project will (probably) be a game of my own design, so inspiration plays a factor here. I may not feel inspired every Tuesday and Thursday night one week, and then I may feel inspired every day the next week. I'm going to feel it out and see what works, so bear with me.

Next Project

I haven't fully committed to the next project yet. I have an idea and I'll likely spend Tuesday's stream exploring that idea and seeing where it takes me. It'll certainly be a piece of me that I put into the next game, and that's a little scary. But because it's a scary proposition is perhaps the biggest reason to do it. Stay tuned for more information on that note.

Until next time...