Over a year of dewdrop

Posted on Thu 10 April 2014 in misc • Tagged with dewdrop, open source

I don't specifically remember the exact date, but over a year ago I started the dewdrop project to fill a personal need. I had just switched back to using Linux as my primary operating system, and I had become accustomed to using Droplr during my time of OS X ...

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Dewdrop v0.11 is go!

Posted on Fri 10 January 2014 in misc • Tagged with dewdrop, linux, open source

Dewdrop (the open source droplr client for linux) v 0.11 has a new version.

You can grab the source code or executable from here.

New in this release:

  • Private drops are now officially supported (password will be copied to the clipboard with the link)
  • We are no longer dependent ...
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